What Comes Next as Ukrainian forces retake Lyman from Russia?

The Donbas, which includes both Donetsk and neighboring Luhansk, is the economic heart of eastern Ukraine. Donetsk's territory includes Lyman. In a spectacular event in the Kremlin last Friday, Putin's claim to the area and the half-captured southern regions of Zaporizhzhia and Kherson was proclaimed. People all over the globe are outraged by this decision.

Ukraine says that if they take Lyman, they will be able to move deeper into the Luhansk region. Russia said at the beginning of July that they had full control of Luhansk after weeks of hard work.

Significant progress in liberating the Donbas area of Ukraine may be seen in the Lyman fight. In a statement given to Reuters, Cherevatyi said: "It is an opportunity to advance farther to Kreminna and Severodonetsk, and it is psychologically highly significant." We also said that we believe the Ukrainians will get to the city and start taking it over.

Proponents of Ukraine in the West have called Russia's actions illegal. Kyiv has maintained that it would not negotiate peace with Moscow so long as Putin is in power and that it would continue to liberate its area from Russian control.

Russia's statement broke the official silence that had lasted for hours after Ukraine said it had surrounded hundreds of Russian troops in the area and then said its forces were inside the city.

According to a tweet from the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense, nearly all Russian personnel stationed in Lyman have been killed or captured.

Later, in a video speech, Ukrainian President VolodymyrZelenskyy said that "war is still going on there," despite the fact that the Ukrainian flag was waving over the city that was the site of the fighting.

The United Statesdefense secretary, Lloyd Austin, praised Ukraine's capture of Lyman, located 100 miles southeast of Kharkiv, calling it an "encouraging success" on the battlefield that would provide fresh "dilemmas" for Russia's armed forces. One may reach Lyman by traveling southeast from Kharkiv for around 160 kilometers.

Vladimir Putin's military has a shaky grip on the supposedly conquered region, and Moscow's nuclear threats have been increasing, so there are fears of an escalation beyond Putin's decision to call up the military reservists. Lyman was fought over for weeks, but the Russians surprisingly surrendered when they thought they were besieged and would be left behind. The Ukrainians used airborne forces to invade, and then broadcast their victory across the world by filming two happy soldiers unfurling the Ukrainian flag and affixing it to a sign at the city's perimeter.

Vladimir Putin's address on Friday was his most agonizing of the battle, and Russia's loss came less than 24 hours later. In it, he called the United States "Satanism" and the West "the enemy," and he described the West as "deceitful and immoral."

The top officer at the Pentagon said that the Ukrainian forces' victory in Lyman on Saturday was a big deal.

Lloyd Austin, United States Secretary of Defense highlighted that Lyman is located across supply lines Russia has used to transfer soldiers and supplies south and west. Closed roads will make it difficult. The Russians will face a problem moving ahead, he added.