Ukraine Continues to Liberate Territory in East and South Forcing Russians to Evacuate

Maps from the Russian Defense Ministry depict quick retreats in the crucial Kherson region in the face of the Ukrainian army's series of attacks. A day after Ukrainian troops gained significant ground in the southern Kherson and Mykolaiv areas, the excitement over success at this point in the front line was muted by concern over an impending difficult battle.After battling to advance for months, the military of Kyiv has forced the Russians back dozens of kilometers in some places. However, soldiers stationed close to the southern front warned that the situation is still tense following Ukraine's impressively efficient counter-attack in the northeastern Kharkiv region. Need for Russians to evacuate as hastily as they did in Kharkiv, they claimed, Kherson is too crucial from a political and military standpoint.

Russian soldiers have evacuated their positions along the occupied territories of the Oskil River throughout the northeastern Kharkiv area, according to maps from the defense ministry. In the wake of Kyiv's army's counteroffensive this month, they looked to have withdrawn around 12.4 miles to the east, all the way to the boundary of the Luhansk region. A number of towns in the country's south and east have been liberated from Russian control, according to President VolodymyrZelenskyy, who made the announcement on Tuesday. In the framework of the ongoing defense operation, the Ukrainian forces are moving forward rather quickly and strongly in the south of the nation, Zelenskyy stated in his daily video message. "Dozens of populated areas have been freed," he continued. These are located together in the regions of Kherson, Kharkiv, Luhansk, and Donetsk.

In a press statement on Tuesday, the Ukrainian military said that Russian soldiers in Kherson were "demoralized" and retreating to their positions while obliterating ammo dumps and infrastructure in their wake. All of this, according to the defense ministry's statement, is done to slow down our forces' attack. YevhenEnin, the deputy interior minister for Ukraine, stated without providing a timeframe on Tuesday that Ukrainian forces had retaken 50 villages and towns in Kherson. For several weeks, the soldiers of Kyiv have been steadily regaining ground in Kherson, but recently, the progress has quickened.

When Russian soldiers initiated what the Kremlin refers to as their "special military operation" in February, the largest city in the area, also called Kherson, was among the first to fall to them. Despite the fact that the Ukrainian army really hasn't provided many specifics, Abdel-Hamid claims that there is proof on social networks of Ukrainian soldiers showing up in numerous cities and villages and displaying the Ukrainian flag. Despite the fact that Russian forces do not have total authority over the area, the Kremlin formally annexed it last week together with three other areas.

Kherson, which had a million residents before the conflict, is a significant agricultural region and the entrance to the Crimean Peninsula, which Russia seized in 2014.

Kherson would be a "major setback for the Russians since that region is essential to secure the Crimean Peninsula that Russia took back in 2014," Abdel-Hamid said if Ukraine were to succeed in capturing it.