The Reason Why Executives Are Dying to Fund Vladimir Putin’s War

More than a dozen high-profile Russian executives have been found dead in various locations around Ukraine since the conflict broke out.

The Kremlin claims these deaths were the result of suicides and accidents. Most of the deadpeople are high-ranking executives in the oil and gas sector. When several people in the same profession die under suspicious circumstances, it might look like a homicide plague. There are names of around 90 oil and gas executives who all mysteriously died by various means, including suicide, murder by suicide, and falls down staircases and out windows. “If someone dies in such a manner in Russia, it is reasonable to suspect foul play. It seems like a murder pandemic when a large number of people in the same field die suddenly and under mysterious circumstances” said Bill Browder.
To say that these people were executed is no longer startling since it is widely accepted. The question then becomes why they were executed. These people were obviously political activists or opponents. The fact that they're taking a stand against Putin indicates that they believe he's to blame for starting the crisis. 

Everything that has happened as a result of this war is entirely the fault of the conflict. In a setting where there is far less money accessible, the remaining money is held in much higher esteem. All of these people are situated in close proximity to large resources or sources of income.
Is it correct that Russia's energy company Gazprom’s Deputy General Director has also been discovered dead? There were also representatives from the Gasprom Bank and Novitec, another major player in the gas industry.

There was a severe shortage of currency throughout the 1990s, a time known as the Aluminum Wars. Numerous aluminum industry heavy hitters were killed during the original Aluminum Wars, and this conflict feels very much like a rematch. 

Vladimir Putin is unable to lead Russia effectively because of sanctions. The Russian oligarchs are in charge of his fortune, which makes him the richest man on the planet. The Russian affluent have had their offshore assets frozen as a result of sanctions. He needs more money to run his war, and the only money that hasn't been officially sanctioned is from the oil and gas companies. Until further notice, this sum is all that has been approved. 

Doesn't this show that Vladimir Putin is going to shore up his power, something he really needs to accomplish at the moment? 
Male Russians of military age have been leaving their country in large numbers, with many settling in neighboring countries like Kazakhstan and Georgia. The current state of affairs in the United States is disastrous for him. 

So, he really needs more troops, but by asking for them, he's basically going against what he said before, which was that this wasn't a full-scale war but a small "special military operation" said Bill Browder.