Report: Vladimir Putin's Drafted Russian Soldiers Claim They Aren't Getting Paid or Fed

Some Russian soldiers have claimed that they were not provided with food or money after being recruited after President Vladimir Putin's partial mobilization of troops in the current war against Ukraine.

As one recruited soldier puts it,

"We've lived in animal circumstances for a week." Spending so much on food alone is ridiculous, let alone on weapons. 

According to the report, several of the soldiers sent to battle in the region have become ill as a result of spending too much time in the open air. Deputy Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu was warned in a video broadcast on Thursday to kill himself as a result of Russia's repeated setbacks in its war with Ukraine.

Kirill Stremousov, the deputy head of Moscow's proxy government in Kherson, reportedly claimed in the video that any actual official in Russia would commit suicide over the country's performance.

Stremousov claimed that many individuals shared his view that "if they were actual officers, they would shoot themselves if they were the Minister of Defense, who led things to this state of affairs." "But many people don't even know what an officer is," Stremousov remarked. 
Hundreds of recently enlisted Russian troops complained about "cattle conditions," having to buy their own food, and being assigned obsolete weaponry in a video that was widely shared on Thursday by pro-Kremlin Telegram channels. One soldier even seemed to wave a thermometer in front of the camera to show that new recruits have been getting sick with fevers.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has ordered a military mobilization, and enlisted men and women have been venting their frustrations at the bases.

In a video posted on Wednesday, newly mobilized Russian soldiers complain about "inhumane" circumstances, a lack of weaponry, and harassment by officials.

Almost soon after President Vladimir Putin declared a "partial" mobilization last month, footage surfaced showing new recruits sleeping on the floor, being outfitted with antiquated weaponry, and being made to obtain their own supplies. The most recent video shows that over 500 troops gathered in the Belgorod district of western Russia near the border with Ukraine without any training or knowledge of where they were being sent.

Behind the camera, a voice says, "Nobody needs us," as uniformed troops stand at the train station. The speaker continued, "We've lived in animal circumstances for a week," adding that the Russian soldiers had gotten neither material help nor cash recompense since being called up. 
Some of the soldiers' wives were reportedly coerced into spending as much as $2,500 on gear for their husbands. A webpage designed to address concerns about mobilization indicates that forcing service members to pay for their own gear is against the law. This website also advocates for soldiers to carry their own night vision goggles and drones to the battlefield.

The eventual deployment location of the mobilized soldiers shown in the video was unclear. The deputy head of the Defense Committee in the State Duma, YuryShvytkin, announced on Thursday that he has requested an investigation into the event from the military prosecutor's office and the Investigative Committee. Military officials from the West have warned that the Russian government's haste to send fresh recruits to the front lines will lead to high casualty rates, unreliable troops, and low morale.