Protests in Iran: the Number of People Killed Has Risen to 76 as the Crackdown Continues

While several members of Iran's security forces were among those killed, the official death toll recorded by the Iranian government remained at 41. According to the Iran Human Rights, the death toll from the crackdown in Iran has risen to at least 76, from 57 earlier this year.

Officials announced Monday that they detained over 1,200 individuals during the protests in Iran over Amini's murder after she was arrested for allegedly violating the country's strict laws on hijab head coverings and modest clothes. Amini was accused of breaking the law by not wearing the required hijab and other forms of modest dress.

The head of European Union foreign policy, JosepBorrell, stated on Tuesday that the European Union is contemplating imposing sanctions on Iran in response to MahsaAmini's death and the violent crackdown on protesters across the nation.

Borrell told the European Parliament, "We will keep looking into all of the tools we have, especially restrictive measures," to deal with both the killing of MahsaAmini and the way security services have been responding to the protests in Iran.He went on to say that he meant penalties when he said "restrictive measures."Borrell condemned what he called the "disproportionate" and "unjustifiable" response of the Iranian government to the demonstrations, which he said had resulted in "scores or dozens of lives lost."He expressed his sympathies over the passing of Amini, a 22-year-old who was taken to the hospital with deadly damage after just being imprisoned by Iran's so-called "morality police." Amini was found dead in the hospital.

"Let me convey our appreciation for the protests (by) mostly women, and men too, throughout Iran, opposing her assassination and (for) the torture that they have faced," he added.

"We saw a wave of anger and rage turn into a nationwide protest in Iran," said Borrell, adding that the protesters were only asking for "respect, fairness, and equality."

After Iranian riot police used tear gas and paintball guns against hundreds of students at Tehran's Sharif University of Technology on Sunday night, rights groups voiced their utmost concern about the situation.People were seen being escorted away from the scene with hoods made of cloth placed over their heads in the footage. The event resulted in injuries to several of the pupils.

Schoolgirls in two cities inside Amini's home region of Kurdistan demonstrated, as shown in video footage that was distributed by the Kurdish rights group Hengaw. Protests also expanded to other locations, including schools.

In a video that was captured in Marivan, young female protestors can be heard chanting "Women, Life, and Freedom" as they make their way down the center strip of a busy highway. The film that was captured was not independently authenticated by AFP.

Iran has often accused outside powers of feeding the fires of the protests, and only last week, the country announced that it had detained nine foreign nationals, including citizens of France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, and Poland.