Trump’s Chief of Staff Used a Mental Health Book to Deal With the President's Behavior

According to Peter Baker and Susan Glasser's new book, The Risky Instance of Donald Trump, John Kelly secretly advised the president.

The president's chief of staff secretly bought a book in which 27 mental health professionals warned that Trump was unfit for the job, and used it to help him adjust to irrational behavior. The book about Donald Trump, which Kelly bought, was a best-seller last year. Its editor, Yale expert Bandy Lee,summarized its findings in a column in January 2018.

She described that:

Even if we strictly adhere to the Goldwater rule, which forbids experts from diagnosing public figures without first conducting an individual evaluation and obtaining their consent, there is still a great deal that professionals in the field of mental health can share with the public long before it reaches the state of mindfulness.

These are gleaned by hearing about the individual's long-term media presence and the reactions of his close friends and family. Without a doubt, this method has helped us learn more about Trump than many, if not most, of our patients.

Eventually, a notable person's strength is her special arrangement — till, that is to say, it becomes a hazard to general wellness.

Kelly, a retired general, replaced Reince Priebus as Donald Trump's chief of staff in July 2017 and stayed in that role until January 2019.His damaging disagreement with the president and his fights to impose his will on Trump and his staff are well-documented.

According to Peter Baker and Susan Glasser, who spoke with John Kelly,

To better understand the president's peculiar psychoses and counsel it while he was running the White House, which he was known to refer to as 'Crazy town, John Kelly obtained a copy of The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump.

Kelly informed others that the book served as a helpful guide for a president that Kelly had come to view as an obsessive liar, whose inflated sense of self was the sign of a fundamentally unreliable person.

The originators state that John Kelly is not alone in his opinion, quoting an unnamed high-ranking official as saying: "For some reason, I just don't trust [ Donald Trump]. Because he thinks he shouldn't, he pays no one any mind. Just ignore what people think of him since he doesn't care. There is nothing else quite like it."

As Trump's presidency came to a close, the 25th Amendment, which allows for the replacement of a president unable to fulfill the duties of the gig, was given serious consideration in the wake of the State House attack he prompted.

It was presumably seen by bureau personnel "soon after Trump got to work," according to Peter Baker and Susan Glasser. However, its flaws prevented any further action from being taken (if Donald Trump opposed its use, he would be easily swayed).

Trump has often downplayed suggestions that he is mentally unstable and the stress that has caused his staff. After Michael Wolff's narrative book Fire and Fury was widely disseminated in January 2018, Trump told reporters that he was an entirely steady genius.

John Kelly has been relentless in his attacks on the president. According to a CNN report from October of 2020, Kelly reportedly told friends that Trump's dishonesty was "dumbfounding... more lamentable than whatever else," and he called Best "the most flawed guy" he had ever encountered.

Trump shot back, assuring Kelly he would not be impacted

Failed to exert much effort, displayed an unassuming demeanor, and therefore fell from prominence. That poor guy got devoured alive. The stress of his job was too much for him.

As the Washington Post put it as the most daring publication, The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump was a smashing success. However, its discussion of the mental health of a public figure also sparked heated debate.

Bandy Lee claims that she was demoted at Yale in May 2020 due to her critical tweets regarding President Donald Trump. This month, Bandy Lee was successful in having a petition dismissed by a government judge wherein she claimed she was wrongfully terminated from her position.