Trending #BOYCOTTFLIPCART: SSR Fans Angry on the deceptive T-Shirt

Ecommerce sites Flipkart and Amazon have been getting huge fire as a T-shirt available for web-based shopping shrewdly pointed to Sushant Singh's demise for a statement printed on the t-shirt. The white men's T-shirt displayed the late entertainer SSR and inscribed 'Depression is like Drowning.' This went poorly with the netizens and started #BOYCOTTFLIPKART and #BOYCOTTAMAZON trends on Twitter.

Insulted by this portrayal, netizens claimed that the late entertainer was not depressed, and even ended up claiming that his death is caused by the 'Bollywood mafia'. Numerous users documented complaints at FlipKart and one even took a step further by filing a notice against the web-based shopping site for selling such items with a deceptive statement.

Reactions from fans on Flipkart and Amazon:

Fans were clearly outraged by the selling item on respective sites and shared their views on the matter.

A netizen tweeted:

@Flipkart Stop cheap publicity on the person who is no more and @itsSSR was Brutally Murdered of which CBI investigating is Ongoing but I am now sure as we have #BoycottBollywood we will also 100% for sure will boycott #BoycottFlipcart. BW Killed SSR DreamProjects.”

Fans have never stopped claiming that Bollywood is responsible for SSR’s demise.

“Because they are Paid a Hefty price to propagate the fake theory but People Know the truth. This time Nothing will work in favor of BWood.




Another netizen stated:

“#BoycottFlipkart #BoycottAmazon Dear paid PRs for the druggies in Bollywood by now you should have understood that you are no more wanted by anyone and if god also come and tell that SSR was in depression we know who was behind it.”

The fans still love their favorite actor and show their support even after his death:

“Sushant was never Depressed. He was a happy Going well-settled man who never had a personal or Financial crisis. Bollywood how long u try to slander SSR Image. People's love 4 him will be stronger more and more. Sushant Loved By Millions.


However, not all the tweets with the related hashtags were made in support of the boycott movement. Like always, some people had a different point of view on the matter as well. While a majority of people were angry, there were also some who had their own point of view.

“You people think that you can boycott the trillion-dollar company. How childish attitude! Make the trending to remove the clothes which are causing such havoc. You can't boycott the Amazon company. #BoycottAmazon”, as stated by a Twitter user.

Another user tweeted:

“Sorry can’t boycott cuz I need food right now for my survival #BoycottAmazon.”

Sushant Singh Rajput lost his life on 14 June 2020 at age 34. He was appreciated by his fans for his kind personality and they were always pleased to meet him. Recently, trends like #BOYCOTTBOLLOYWOOD were also seen on Twitter in support of SSR and now netizens are back again with their support by trending #BOYCOTTFLIPKART and #BOYCOTTAMAZON.