Rajiv Kumar Arrested by West Bengal Police: CM Hemant’s counselor- Complete Story

Rajiv was captured by West Bengal Police’s ARS Kolkata from the Hare Street station. According to sources 'some cash' was likewise confiscated at the scene. The police are additionally searching for potential accessories of the apprehended Rajiv Kumar.

The Complete Story of Rajiv Kumar’s Arrest:

RAJIV KUMAR, a legal counselor addressing a candidate in two PILs connected with a mining lease and claims of shell organizations and tax evasion. The PIL's were recorded in case of Chief Minister in Jharkhand's Congress, Hemant Soren, who was apprehended by West Bengal Police on Sunday. The charges against the alleged culprit is supposedly deceiving individuals of cash. About 50 lakh INR is said to be the amount indicated in this suspected fraud.

"We have captured a legal counselor, Rajiv Kumar, who is an inhabitant of Ranchi," stated by a senior official of Kolkata Police.

Sources claim that the legal counselor was captured from a shopping center in Kolkata's central area, following contributions from the police in Jharkhand, where a few other cases are also filed against him.

Acknowledged as Jharkhand's "PIL man", Rajiv had as of late documented 3 PILs for a candidate, SS Sharma. 2 of the PILs were aimed at Kumar Soren. One of them blamed Kumar for taking over a mining lease for personal gains while holding the Mining portfolio. The other expressed that Kumar was supposedly connected to shell organizations and illegal tax avoidance - these are presently being researched by the ED.

Kumar is likewise the legal counselor in a PIL, that supposed monetary anomalies in MGNREGA. This prompted the ED to capture Jharkhand's Mining Sec. Pooja Singhal and Kumar's helper P. Mishra.

In case of PIL for mining irregularities, recorded in February 2022, Kumar had documented an extra request looking for assurance while asserting that he had been compromised. Advocate General Rajeev had presented that the supplication was unimportant and documented to outrage the Chief Minister.

More on the proceedings of PIL against CM Soren’s:

KapilSibal appeared in hearings and had contended on the authenticity of the PIL. The argument made was that the father of the candidate SS Sharma was an observer for an accusation against Shibu Soren, the previous CM and the suspect's dad.This was not revealed in the PIL. MukulRohatgi expressed PIL as "mala fide". Rohatgi is a counselor of Hemant. 

Hemant Soren’s Response:

Hemant Soren, following his response for the PIL related to mining irregularities, had presented that the claims were like the petition documented by the BJP. He added that both are comparative and the workmanship of a similar individual.

Rajiv had likewise documented a PIL with previous BJP Cheif Minister Raghubar Das, as a party respondent in the purported scam connected with charges of anomalies in a consultancy contract. In any case, the PIL has not advanced further.