Myanmar Junta news: Executions of 4 Political Activists

Four individuals have been executed reportedly including a prominent democracy activist for leading what is being described allegedly as a brutal and inhumane terror act. Executions were decided and performed following a closed-door trial and procedures without many details.It is the first caseof execution in 50 years.

What does this mean for Myanmar? and the Junta's grip on power? This is very shocking news for the whole country as many people expected that the junta will not execute these activities.

Myanmar junta: Details of Execution

A few days ago, the military informed the family members of the activists to join the meeting with the death sentence prisoners and after this meeting, the military stated that they don't have any plan for the execution yet. In a couple of days, it was publishedin a state control newspaper that the punishment has already been carried out. It is vague information for the local people and also the international community as it is unclear whether they carried out the death penalty or not, but later on, it was verified through the family members and some prison officials confirmed to the remaining families that the death penalty has been executed.

The Prison officials refused to give the dead bodies to the family members which is against the prison manual and a violation of the rights of the prisoners and the people.

State media of Myanmar are reporting that the military Junta has executed four political activists, marking the first use of capital punishment in the country in decades. They were handed death sentences in January following a closed-door trial in which they were accused of helping to carry out Terror acts.

The U.N has condemned the executions of the men, including a former administrator fromAung San Suu Kyi’sregime.

Myanmar junta’s execution punishment shows moral corruption 

The human rights watchcriticized the Junta stating that this is clearly a signal to the Myanmar people from the Junta that they are prepared to do whatever it takes. The Myanmar Junta will do anything they need to do in order to try to control the situation. They are now moving to execute political prisoners,it is a message that will stop at nothing, it is a sign of the depravity of the Myanmar junta that they are prepared to take this kind of step. A war is going on betweenthe military junta and the people of the country.

The civilians are no longer prepared to be ruled by this military junta and this military junta is using absolute force to try to impose its will on the country. The current situation is, unfortunately, moving towards a civil war where the human rights situation is going to get much worse.

The country's military alleged water fraud during the elections in 2020. They used this as justification for their coup on February 1, 2021. They are in power since then and carrying out punishments on individuals from the last government.