Mamata Banerjee’s Announcement: Bengal Cabinet Rejig

Big update from West Bengal: The heat on the Mamata Banerjee-led government especially post the SSC scam arrests of former Minister Partha Chatterjee, as Mamata Banerjee is all set to reshuffle the cabinet on Wednesday at 4pm.

What she's saying though is that there will not just be of course someone new who will take over the portfolio of education from Partha Chatterjee. As of now, Mamata Banerjee has taken temporary charge of that portfolio after the government had decided to stack Partha Chatterjee as the Minister and the party, subsequently, suspended him from the primary membership as well.

It seems that Mamata Banerjee is also suggesting that there will be some other concern changes as there will be an attempt to bring in some fresh facesinto the new cabinet including women leaders, as far as this impending cabinet reshuffle is concerned.

Who takes forward after Partha Chatterjee’s arrest is also being looked at as an opportunity taken by Mamata Banerjee for a rejig in the cabinet and the government. She has already stated that the cabinet reshuffle would be announced on Wednesday at 4 00 pm. She had also claimed that she would bring in several new faces including some people who are in the organizationand they would be brought into the cabinet whereas some four to five leaders, who are in the cabinet serving the government, will now be asked to serve the organization.

Most of the leaders who have been in MamataBanarjee's cabinet are old-timers, although this particular cabinet is a new one,MamataBanerjee’sgovernment has been in power in Bengal since 2011.In the wake of the fact that serious corruption charges have been leveled against some of these leaders, including the one who is already in the Enforcement Directorate’s custody, Mamata Banerjee finds this an opportune moment to make a major overhaul in the cabinet.

Updates on Partha Chatterjee’s Case:

West Bengal’s explosive tale of alleged corruption is only getting murkier by the day after the cash dash that has been recovered from multiple residences of Mukherjee, an alleged close aid of ParthaChatterjee. Now the lens is on the former minister's prized possessions. An empire of real estate that he built over the years includes 10 flats in Kolkata. The flats are said to be easily valued at around 120 crores, along with the gold and the cash that has been seized so far as per the sources within the Enforcement Directorate. Partha's list of possessions seems to be never-ending as at least 17 other properties across the state of West Bengal are now on the agency's radar. The TMC right from the start has been maintaining that Arpita Mukherjee is not linked anyway to the party, though there are several instances that have been proven wrong as to her link with Partha Chatterjee and many others in the party that has come forth and is now becoming undeniable.