Junta leader’s Russia Visit: Vladimir Putin Praised by the General

Since the tactical government driven by Aung San Suu Kyi was taken out, Western countries have minimized their relations with Myanmar and forced sanctions on the country. From that point forward, the military has "legitimized" its endeavors to reinforce its attaches with Moscow, a critical partner and arms provider for Myanmar. Moscow is a critical partner and arms provider for Myanmar. Meanwhile, Russia is being designated by various approvals in case of the Ukraine conflict.

According to a report from the Global New Light of Myanmar, Min Aung Hlaing,the Junta leader’s Russia Visiton Sunday was in order to participate in the EEF to “endorsefriendly ties”.

The meeting proceeded pretty much as one might have anticipated, with Min Aung Hlaing being extremely effusive in his appreciation for the head of the Russian government, Vladimir Putin. He was quoted as saying that "with your cooperation, the country is developing aggressively." It is possible to assert that since you took control of Russia, the country has occupied a prominent place on the international stage.

In Vladivostok, an agreement was signed establishing a plan for Myanmar and Russia to collaborate in the peaceful use of nuclear energy. The agreement was signed by both countries. The contract includes a provision that refers to the "possibility of developing a small modular reactors project in Myanmar."

According to statements made by Min Aung Hlaing to the state-controlled media in Russia, Myanmar has begun importing petroleum goods from Russia and is anticipating the arrival of its first shipment of diesel fuel in the coming days. He further mentioned that the capital of Naypyidaw was willing to pay for the goods in Russian rubles. We will pay in the currency that is accepted by the Russian side of the negotiation. "This makes it much simpler for us since there are a lot of limitations on receiving and sending in other currencies," said Min Aung Hlaing.

What does Russia want?

The topics discussed at length in the meeting were not reported or disclosed. One can only speculate as to the topics on the meeting’s agenda. And there are a lot of areas in both countries that can and will likely try to cooperate. Russia’s two main priorities are to restart the discussion on the construction of a major gas pipeline from Russia to China via Myanmar and to secure a Russian-built nuclear power plant in the country. On the gas pipeline, Russia’s state-owned gas company, Gazprom, has been trying to build this pipeline since 2013, but the project has not been going smoothly. This is primarily due to the fact that Myanmar is under sanctions imposed by the West, which has an impact on the global financing of the project. As for the construction of a nuclear power plant, Russia and Myanmar have been discussing this since 2016, but the process is yet to be finalized and the exact location of the project has not been decided.