Does Finland's Prime Minister Has the Right to Party?

Sanna Marin, the prime minister of Finland, is under fire after a leaked video questioned her authority to celebrate a birthday.

Finland  Prime Minister Sanna Marin can be seen in a leaked video partying it up with pals and singing and dancing. The leader, who is only 36 years old, smiles for the camera. She's crouching down, hands clasped behind her head. She's caught in the middle of a bear embrace. In other words, she's having a great time.

Partying youth and adults in Finland and throughout the world upload and post countless identical videos to social media every day.

The leak, however, has sparked a discussion in Finland about how much partying is too much for the prime minister, especially in light of Russia's recent war on Ukraine, which spurred Finland and Sweden, two traditionally neutral countries, to request to join NATO.

Social Democratic Party leader Marin has been bombarded with questions:

  • Were there drugs present? Alchol?
  • Did she take a summer break, r was she working?
  • When it cmes to handling a crisis, how drunk is the prime minister?

This week, Finnish media picked up on a viral video that was plainly taken by a partygoer and posted online. Marin claimed to have gone to the party within the past few weeks, but she was cagey about the specifics.

In addition, she admitted that she and her friends had a celebration, during which wine was used but, as far as she was aware, no narcotics were used. On Friday, she announced that she had submitted to a drug test in an effort to stop rumours that she was using illegal narcotics.

"I hope that by 2022, it is understood that even decision-makers dance, sing, and go to parties," Marin told reporters. It's up to the voters to decide what they believe, but I didn't want any photographs to be distributed.

The prime minister, who is married and has a daughter who is four years old, has often said that despite being the head of Finland's government, she is no different from anybody else her age in wanting to spend time having fun with friends and family.

Disagreement prevailed on Friday afternoon in Helsinki.

A marketing professional named JosuaFagerholm expressed concern that the incident could hurt Finland's image and erode voters' trust in their government.

I believe it is critical that our political leaders are held in high regard by the general public. As a result, he concluded, "I don't think it's a nice look."

Student MintuuKylliainen of Helsinki, Finland, disagreed. She acknowledged that people have the right to their own opinion, but said she believed the leaked film was receiving unnecessary media attention.

Kylliainen: "It's usual to, like, party." She deserves to enjoy her life, too.

It has been argued by the prime minister's supporters that these criticisms reek of sexism.

At age 34, Marin made history in 2019 by becoming Finland's youngest ever prime minister. Marin thought that, even in the supposedly gender-neutral Nordic region, her age and gender were occasionally given too much weight. It was 2020 when she told Vogue, "in every position I've ever been in, my gender has always been the beginning point — that I am a young woman."

The professor of gender studies at Finland's University of Turku, AnuKoivonen, disagreed that gender had a determining role in the outcry over the hacked video. She said that the partying itself wasn't a major deal, but that the disclosure of the film may be seen as a lack of discernment on the prime minister's part regarding the people she kept around her.

Koivonencriticised her for "not holding back" in a workplace where "she cannot trust everyone in the room." As of right now, I see that as the primary problem.

The news about Marin's wild behaviour is not new. She publicly apologized in December after she went clubbing till 4 a.m. after receiving a text message warning her to stay away from others for fear of contracting COVID-19.

Marin claimed she had forgotten her phone at home and hence did not receive the message. The coronavirus was later shown to be absent in her system.

Marin is not your usual politician, even in Finland's forward-thinking society. She was raised by a single mother who had a romantic relationship with another lady during her childhood.

Many Finns admire her progressive outlook on the workplace, which includes dressing casually even for official events. In April, Marin sparked a social media frenzy by donning a black leather biker jacket at a press conference alongside her Swedish colleague.

Marin and her female-majority cabinet have been lauded in Finland and around the world for their leadership during the COVID-19 pandemic and the country's application to join NATO.