Biden Exempted from Bus Travel Requirement for Queen’s Funeral

The United Kingdom has recommended that world leaders use guarded buses to the burial of Queen Elizabeth II.

However, it retracted this statement later and said Joe Biden might use his vehicle for security purposes.

The government of the United Kingdom softened its stringent regulations by calling them "advice" that allows for some leeway.

The United Kingdom has said President Joe Biden will not be required to abide by its recommendation that international leaders attend Queen Elizabeth II's funeral by bus.

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According to a story from Politico published on Sunday, international leaders were urged to travel to the UK by commercial planes. They would be transported to the burial at London's Westminster via escorted shuttle buses "due to heavy security and traffic restrictions."

However, The Times of London reported on Monday that Biden would be permitted to use his armored vehicle while in London.

According to The Times' reports citing UK government sources, Biden will be allowed to use his vehicle for the funeral's security.

According to a representative for UK Prime Minister Liz Truss, the travel demands were more "advice" than regulation, as stated during a press conference on Monday.

They stated that leaders' travel plans and methods would be tailored to their specific situations.

"Arrangements for various heads of state will vary in light of factors like security threats," the article says.

According to HuffPost, the prime minister's staff also answered "yes" when asked if Biden could use his own transportation method while in London.

The Times said other foreign leaders, such as French President Emmanuel Macron, would also take their cars for safety reasons.

The United Kingdom and the United States have downplayed reports that Vice President Joe Biden might be prohibited from using a helicopter and forced to go by bus when he and international leaders gather in London next week for the Queen's burial.

Sunday Report:

On Sunday, official papers surfaced indicating that foreign heads of state attending the ceremony following Monday will have to go en masse in a bus to Westminster Abbey rather than driving private automobiles, fueling speculation over the transport arrangements for international dignitaries slated to attend.

The regulations, obtained by the Guardian and initially reported by Politico, urge the dozens of presidents, monarchs, queens, and prime ministers scheduled to attend the burial to fly on commercial aircraft to avoid placing too much demand on London's airports.

The etiquette memo further said that foreign dignitaries should send modest delegations and that the only people who should be invited to the state burial were the head of state and their spouse.

Biden, who confirmed his presence over the weekend, often uses helicopters and the highly armored presidential automobile, the Beast, to move about on international travels.

The next British prime minister's spokeswoman, Liz Truss, was asked about the claims on Monday and stated that "arrangements for various leaders may vary" and that the papers in question were just meant as guidelines.

The generic invitation letter, which only invited the head of state and their spouse, was sent to the White House, according to a senior US official.

Karine Jean-Pierre, the White House press secretary, confirmed to reporters that the invitation was only for the president and first wife.

Jean-Pierre was asked whether Biden planned to bring any past US presidents with him if permitted, to which he replied that the British government would make a choice.

"They choose the guests," she said. One more time: "The invitation was extended only to the President and First Lady. They hold the initiative and must determine how to handle invitations.

How much extra care will be taken with Biden is unclear. Since the arrival and departure of Air Force One create too much congestion at Heathrow, the plane usually lands at Stansted instead. However, during Vice President Biden's visit to London last year, Air Force One landed at RAF Mildenhall in Suffolk.

Politico reports that early Sunday morning, a foreign diplomat headquartered in London sent a WhatsApp message to their colleagues that stated, "Can you image Joe Biden on the bus?

Security expert and ex-CIA operative Timothy Miller said

It is even blunter. "The President of the United States would never fly commercial and travel on a bus," he concluded.