Sergey Brin approved selling Elon Musk-related investments soon: Why?

Elon Musk Relation with Nicole Shanahan is the alleged reason:

As indicated by reports, Sergey Brin approved selling Elon Musk's property soon after their gathering. As per the Wall Street Journal, when Sergey Brin figured out that Elon Musk had been having an illicit relationship with his better half of late, he encouraged his counsels to sell all his resources that were put into Elon Musk's organizations.

As per anonymous sources referred to by The Journal, Tesla's fellow benefactor Elon Musk might have had an association with Nicole Shanahan in Miami around the start of December. The drawn-out fellowshipbetween Musk and Brin, which had assisted Musk with enduring the monetary emergency of 2008, concluded because of this turn of events.

In January, Shanahan started the separation cycle with her 48-year-old better-half, Brin. As per the distribution, Brin's own stakes in Musk's ventures are obscure, and it is additionally muddled if any exchanges have occurred.

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What's more, it is hazy whether Brin has sold any of his resources. Elon Musk's abundance is assessed to be 242 billion bucks, making him the most extravagant person on the planet, as shown by the Bloomberg Billionaires Index.

Sergey Brin, the fellow benefactor of Google and the current 8th most extravagant individual on the planet, has an individual fortune of $94.6 billion.

This disclosure about Musk’s personal life follows a large number of other controversies about his life beyond work.It was rumored that he fathered his twins with a prominent employee in Neuralink. SpaceXalso settled an inappropriate behavior claim by a representative by paying her a sum of $250K. As per Musk, these charges were "totally misleading" and were made fully intent on impeding him from finishing the obtaining of Twitter Inc., an exchange that he is presently endeavoring to pull out of.

Elon Musk Relation with Nicole Shanahan

As per a case in The Journal, Musk had an unsanctioned romance with Shanahan in December in Miami at Art Basel, and he later asked Brin for mercy for the issue at another event. As per the Journal, Brin and Shanahan are currently arranging a settlement notwithstanding the way that they have a prenuptial understanding set up.

As per the report, Shanahan is requesting more than one billion bucks. The implied sentiment with Elon Musk's mate uncovered Sergey Brin, who then, at that point, auctions his stakes in Elon Musk thus. After the Wall Street Journal guaranteed that Elon Musk's relationship with Sergey Brin's better half drove the Google prime supporter to exchange his portions in Mr. Musk's organizations, Elon Musk rejected that he had an unsanctioned romance with her.

The Journal reports that Tesla co-benefactor Elon Musk had a supposed illicit relationship with Nicole Shanahan in Miami toward the beginning of December, referring to unidentified sources acquainted with everything going on. From that point forward, an extensive association between Mr. Brin and Mr. Musk has been severed; Mr. Brin had been a vital ally for Tesla all through the monetary emergency of 2008.