Can the 365,923 electric vehicles produced by Tesla in the third quarter be the key to their global dominance?

As electric means of transportation have gone from being a curiosity to being the main source of transportation for more and more people, Tesla has grown into a dominant player in the car business. It sells more EVs than any other automaker, with the exception of its Chinese competitors. In recent years, Tesla has substantially invested in China, and this year, electric and plug-in hybrid cars made up almost a quarter of all new vehicle sales in the nation.

"Tesla's quarterly deliveries rise," said Elon Musk last year.

2nd October- As logistical issues obscured its record deliveries, Tesla Inc. on Sunday reported lower-than-expected electric car deliveries in the third quarter. The leading manufacturer of electric vehicles acknowledged that "securing vehicle shipping aptitude and at a fair cost is becoming more difficult," but other experts were also worried about the demand for expensive goods because of the faltering global economy. Even though the company is experiencing continued manufacturing and supply chain issues, Tesla said on Sunday that it sold 343,830 electric car units globally in the third quarter. This figure represents a record for Elon Musk owned Tesla.

 The company's sales results for the fourth quarter of 2021 represented a 42 percent rise from the 241,391 automobiles it sold in the previous quarter. In addition, Tesla said that it manufactured 365,923 automobiles, which is an increase over the total of 237,823 automobiles produced the previous year. This year, the company that makes cars started up two important new facilities, one in Austin, Texas, and the other in Germany.

Ed Moya, a superior market analyst at OANDA, predicts that the EV industry will see "a little bit of a hard patch" as a result of consumers' "little bit cautious and less eager" to acquire anything new.

Tesla is suffering from a negative influence on logistics due to the local economy. "The automotive industry is under threat. "Even Tesla is not safe from this."

As a result of regional batch construction of automobiles, our delivery volumes have often been more concentrated towards the quarter's conclusion. Tesla's second quarter was impacted by a pandemic, but the business was able to raise manufacturing capacity in the third quarter, leading to record sales and output. Production and deliveries of Tesla automobiles fell sharply in Q2 2022. After a COVID-19 occurrence in China in March, production at the Shanghai facility was halted. The factory is back in operation, and production figures have increased thanks to the company's new Giga industrial units in Berlin and Texas. When Tesla reports its financial results for the third quarter on October 19th, we will find out how the increase in manufacturing and delivery affected the bottom line.

Despite the fact that the manufacturer reached a record far above the ground figure of deliveries, the total fell short of what industry analysts had anticipated.

Third-quarter 2022 financial figures for Tesla will be released on Wednesday, October 19, 2022, after the market closes.